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If you feel that your work and private life could run more efficiently I would recommend you to listen the latest show on 5by5 podcast network called Back to Work where Merlin Mann talks about the importance of having system you trust, preferable one system not multiple systems.

As you might know, I am creator of which is the system I use every day and trust.

Which one is yours? Do you have one?

It does not necessary mater what system you use, it’s the discipline which matters. You have to 100% trust the system you chose and put everything from your head into it. That way you will not keep any open loops running in your head and you can be sure that anything important pops up the day you need to do something about it.

In any given moment I have about 50 open projects with about 100 open tasks. There is no way I could keep this in my head and not to stress that I will forget something.