Nutrition QR Codes

January 25, 2013

Roman Leinwather - UI/UX desinger & developer. Solo creator of - Creative Agency Software.

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Surprisingly McDonald’s is one of the first coming with the idea of nutritions QR codes and that is great news. Company like McDonald has noticed a big shift in peoples behaviour where more healthy food options are introduced into our diets daily. The trend is going towards healthy food in long run and even companies famous for producing junk food are reacting to it. Personally, I don’t eat at McDonald but I am very happy to see the nutrition QR codes on their products and hoping this will spread widely.

One of the problems of healthy diet is that the way the nutrition information is present is not very clear and you would pretty much need calculator to get the right values out of the nutrition tabels each time you eat. Let me give you an example. You buy product which is 375 grams heavy and the nutrition table represents values for one serving, which is 35 grams. So lets say you eat half of the package, now you would need to calculate the nutritions, going step by step from calories to proteins, carbs, fats…

By simply having QR code which you can easily scan and type the portion size in, would simplify the whole process of calorie counting and people would be more encourage to do so. Finding a system to automate it without requiring peoples input would made this even better.

This would bring a whole new level of understanding nutrition values of individual food to mass audience and would bring more awareness of good vs bad food, helping people to eat more healthy, stay fit, leave longer, look better.

Even if the system would not be automatic from start, lots of people would find the process of scanning their products before consuming them very simple thing to do. The phone application would tell them straight away if the portion is ok, and how much calories they are going to consume and how many are left for a day to stay on their target, whatever that might be.