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Hey, I’m Roman!

I am creator of Getquantify.com and experienced UI & UX designer, front-end & back-end coder. I ❤ my work.

TwitterWednesday Sep 17 - 8:46pmG Chrome is not going to show green lock on secure sites which uses SSL certif. with SHA1.I have just replaced it last month. Really Google?
TwitterSaturday Sep 13 - 5:03pmWatching #objectify again. I must have seen it 10 times already in last 4 years. http://t.co/PyqSb2VjRb
TwitterTuesday Sep 9 - 7:47pmThe best designed part of the Apple Watch is the charger.

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I write about design, code, technology & enterpreneurship.

July 15, 2014

CFD – Update on shares postions

I have mentioned some tome ago that I see potential in some shares on the market. I have not changed my opinion since, what more, I have doubled-down on my positions by opening new one.

I have opened several 'long' positions since 6th September 2013.


  • 6th Septembe ...
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I am solo creator of Getquantify - Creative Agency Software.

Transforming the way creative agencies work

Getquantify helps creative agencies with its unique synergy of time-tracking, project management, invoicing & reporting. The perfect combo to get your projects under control.

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Who is this guy, anyway?

Roman Leinwather's bio & work experience.

I am a software developer & UI/UX designer with strong interest in technology, web, entrepreneurship, healthy live style & jazz music.

I was born in Slovakia to Hungarian/German/Slovak family. I spent last 10 years of my life living and working in various places around Europe, mainly London, Vienna & Prague, where I live now. I like to think of myself as real european.

2004-2005: I studied web design and development in Oxford Computer College, London followed by various programming and design courses in City University, London.

My knowledge base is quite unusual as my love to design and technology keeps 50/50 ratio. I use the top industrial tools and programming languages such are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, VIM, TextMate, Coda, Html5, CSS3, jQuery, CoffeeScript, HAML, SASS, Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL, Git, Amazon Services.

I am creator and sole developer/designer of Getquantify.com since 2010 and I also work for clients from around the world.

2006-2009: I had a chance to work for various London startups and web agencies where I helped to build online brands for customers like ASOS, Face Group, ClubPod, The Racing Forum, Kings Health Partners and many others.

2011-2014: I worked on various projects in interenet security industry for some of the world leaders in this field.

You can check some of my recent work in here.

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