Experience / Interface Designer

Roman Leinwather

Proud Toptal Member - Top 3% of internet talent

O1 / Complex - Data Heavy Application Design

Applications which provide access to huge amount of information can become too complex and very hard to use easily. An understanding priority of individual elements is crucial.

The goal is to provide functional, simple to use and visually appealing interface.

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O2 / Dashboard Design

Dashboards are excellent type of view for providing a quick overview of a huge amount of time-sensitive information. Tables, charts, and lists provide needed data structure.

Work with negative space, typography and color management is absolutely necessary when providing the data structure and visual hierarchy.

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O3 / Interfaces for all device types

Every screen-size has its advantage and disadvantages. The goal is to provide an interface which works on every screen whether it is a mobile, tablet, laptop or computer.

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O4 / Various Data Presentation

The art of presenting huge data in a pleasant way. Data do not have to be boring. When interfacing is pleasing it calls for action and user interaction.

Careful typography, iconography, color management and attention to white space and details are very important.

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O5 / UX Flows

The best way to present to the client the way the application will actually work without doing any coding is UX flow document. It provides full functionality in a step by step bases where it's easily understandable how the application will look and work.

UX flows can be made into clickable prototypes where the client can test the application in its native environment whether it is a computer screen or mobile phone.

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O6 / About Me

I am a software developer & UI/UX designer with strong interest in technology, web, entrepreneurship and industrial design.

I studied web design and development at Oxford Computer College, London followed by various programming and design courses in City University, London.

My love to design and technology keeps 50/50 ratio. I use the top industrial tools and programming languages such are HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, CoffeeScript, HAML, SASS, Python/Django, Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL, Git, Amazon Services, Adobe Xd, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, VIM.

I currently live and work from lovely Prague in case you want a grab a coffee, I would be happy to meet you.

O7 / My Work

I provide UI & UX consulting for clients from around the world. Since 2016 I am part of Toptal.com - top 3% of freelance talent.

My side projects: Application Design Academy | Local Experts | Daily Movies | Exim Center |

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